Toward A Natural Forest

A book which talks about the ways forest is essential for our livelihood which can make sure that you have the right idea about the changes that are taking place. Try to visit socal city kids to understand more what we are talking about.

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One book that environmentalist check back on.


There is a lot of background on the subject which can help ensure that you have the right help.

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We can make sure that you understand the value of the depleting natural resources.

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There is a lot of emphasis on learning about the ways we can conserve these resources for the future.

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The book can teach a lot about the ways we are harming the world and the ways which can help ensure that you stop. 

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The book is about the how the forest is the base of our civilisation with the based the foundation is going to break everything apart. We are affiliated to for securing the worlds future.

Jim Furnish

Readers say

The book is written brilliantly as there is a lot of metaphors which one can easily connect to with the right proof.

John M. Torres

They have some of the best measures listed which can ensure that you can do your bit when it comes to environment.

Norman A. Sussman

Towards Better Forest Governance
We can make sure that you have the right help when it comes to understanding the complexities of nature.

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6 Reasons to Save the Rainforest

With more than 40% of the oxygen coming from the rainforests around the world and Amazon being the sole 20% producer of oxygen, there is definitely a need for saving the rainforests. It may not seem like a concern at the beginning as we are unable to see its importance right now, but our actions today will definitely affect our existence in the future. Here are a few reasons to save the rainforests to give you a clear idea of its importance on earth. Click here

Home to the flora and fauna

Did you know that rainforests are home for over 70% of the plant and animal species on earth? The number of species that exist in the rainforests is over millions. Clearing or damaging the rainforests is a clear death of all the plants and animals. Such is the significance of rainforests to not just us but other species on the planet as well, continue reading.

flora and fauna

There is more to discover

There are millions of species which are not even discovered yet, and if the deforestation continues to happen at this rate, we are losing over 130 species every day. The researchers believe that the deforestation is causing a lot of species to die without getting discovered at all, which can stop our progress as well as bring more hidden species to extinction.

The medicinal hub

The number of plant species in the rainforest is innumerable, and out of the discovered ones we use many to cure a number of diseases. The medicines made from the rainforest plants constitute over 25% of the entire medicinal value. There might be a cure to diseases such as HIV and Cancer deep inside the forest which we are yet to discover.

The water cycle

The rainforests contribute greatly to the water cycle, creating the water necessary to make the climate suitable for our existence. The Amazon rainforest itself has 50% of the water of the world’s ecosystem. The trees in the forests store water in their roots to release it later during the hot temperatures in order to balance the heat. Without the rainforests, the earth will soon turn into a globe of the desert all around.

The great big food source

Needless to say that the rainforests is also a source of a variety of foods including bananas, pineapples, nuts, coffee beans and more. Cutting down the rainforests mean cutting down most of our natural food supply. Unless we have an alternative for growing the food equivalent to the natural production of the rainforests, the idea of deforestation overall is pretty stupid!

big food source

The economies

The economies of the world also depend on the rainforests as deforestation of the valuable food and resources produce takes away the local jobs, forcing people to migrate into other cities for new jobs. The only way left for them will be to work for others, rather producing their own food, which will lead to poor lifestyle and also dangerous situations of working for factories.

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